Announcing AHPP’s Advisory Board

We are excited to announce the formation of the Advisory Board of Art History Pedagogy and Practice. An essential component of AHPP’s administrative plan, the Advisory Board provides strategic guidance around the journal’s editorial policies to ensure its academic credibility and broadest possible impact. Assembled for their expertise and leadership in fields of art history, museum education, digital humanities, SoTL, and scholarly communications, these individuals share a common interest in advancing pedagogical research. We welcome them and look forward to having their input and assistance in the coming months!

Advisory Board, Art History Pedagogy and Practice
(Find individual biographies here) 

Susan Ball
Rika Burnham
Jill Cirasella
Michael Cothren
Kelly Donahue-Wallace
Anne Kraybill
Mike Murawski
Andrea Pappas
Nancy Ross
Deirdre Diane Spencer
Anne Swartz
Luke Waltzer
Kathleen Yancey



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