Julia Finch

Julia Finch received her Ph.D. in medieval art history from the University of Pittsburgh in 2011. She has been teaching art history courses and art appreciation courses in the Department of Art and Design at Morehead State University, Kentucky, since fall 2014. Courses regularly taught include Understanding Art, Ancient Art, Medieval Art, Renaissance Art, Mannerist and Baroque Art, and 20 th Century Art, as well as the first part of the art history survey, which covers prehistory through the Middle Ages.

Dr. Finch has been teaching art and architectural history and ways of looking at art since beginning graduate school in 2004, and has worked with learners of all ages as an instructor in colleges, universities, and museums. She works with students to develop critical thinking and writing skills, particularly the ability to negotiate the gap between visual and written information in ways that can benefit them beyond the classroom. Her research interests include visual narrative, visual translation of images between media, visuality and orality in the medieval and early modern world, medieval illuminated manuscripts and the history of the book, principles of design in visual communication, and the visual culture of literacy in the later Middle Ages. She regularly presents her research on medieval manuscript illumination and on the scholarship of teaching and learning at professional conferences, and has recently published articles and book chapters in these subjects. She is also presently working on a book project titled Hybrid Literacy: Visual Narratives and the Medieval Reader .