SoTL Resources

Below are a few places to get started in learning about SoTL research.  Also be sure to check out the posts for various approaches to pedagogical research on AHTR’s E-journal hub.

International Society of Scholarship of Teaching and Learning

ISSOTL Online: What is SoTL (Video Series)

ISSOTL Arts and Humanities Interest Group Webpage

ISSOTL Arts and Humanities Interest Group Annotated Bibliography

SoTL for Humanists: Issues and Illustrations

Center for Engaged Learning at Elon

What faculty in the Arts and Humanities should know about SoTL (video)

Art and Humanities SoTL Example: Complexity in Literary Text (video)

Designing SoTL projects in Art History

Kelly Donahue-Wallace, Prove It! Publish It! SoTL-AH Case Studies, CAA2018 (slideshare)

Scholarship of Teaching and Learning Annotated Literature Database

Useful guide to research on a wide range of topics (i.e. writing assignments, student peer review, active learning in large classes)

Taylor Institute for Teaching and Learning, University of Calgary

Taylor Institute SoTL Guide (includes an online tutorial) 

List of SoTL Blogs


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