CAA 2017 Panels on Pedagogy

We at AHTR are looking forward to seeing friends, colleagues, and meeting new faces at CAA 2017. Here’s a list assembled by AHTR Contributing Editor and Art History Pedagogy and Practice co-editor Renee McGarry of all the pedagogy-related panels at CAA this coming week (let us know if we missed any). Enjoy!

Wednesday 8:30am

Pedagogy 1 Fundamentals

Prove It! Publish It! Art history and SoTL

Thursday 10:30am

Accelerated Art History: Tools and Techniques for a Fast Changing World

Using the F-Word for Good, Not Evil (art education)

Thursday 1:30pm

Sharing Space: Art History/Studio Collaboration in the Classroom

Thursday 5:30pm

Entrepreneurship as Research, Teaching, Learning, or Service

Friday 10:30am

Teaching Art and Art History as a General Education Course

Teaching Art and Art History as a General Education Course

Beyond Critique: Contemporary Art in Theory, Practice, and Instruction 

Feminist Pedagogy Through Activist Arts Practice

From STEM to STEAM with Art History

Friday 1:30pm

Teaching Design History Through Making

Friday 3:30pm

Engaging Diversity in the Arts Curriculum of Designated Colleges and Universities

Friday 5:30pm

State of the Art (History): Pedagogy Laboratory


Saturday 1:30pm

Art History as Table not Tower: a Practical Conversation about Diversity

Pedagogy 2: Tools for Teaching and Research

Saturday 3:30pm

Pedagogy 3: Techniques

What Have You Done for Art History Lately?

Art History for Studio Art and Graphic Design Students: Seeing the Relationship

Art History for Studio Art and Graphic Design Students: Seeing the Relationship





2 responses to “CAA 2017 Panels on Pedagogy”

  1. Yep, you missed a session. I know because I am presenting. Here it is:


    Time: 02/18/2017: 3:30PM–5:00PM
    Location: Gramercy B/East, 2nd Floor

    Chair: Mary B. Shepard, University of Arkansas–Fort Smith

    Active Art History: Engaging Studio Artists through Project-based Learning
    Katherine Poole-Jones, Southern Illinois University Edwardsville

    Making It Visible: A Museum Educator in the College Art History Classroom
    Ellen B. Cutler, Maryland Institute of Art

    Utilizing Gaps in Opportunity to Engage Art History and Graphic Design Students in Interdisciplinary Creative Problem Solving
    Alex Girard, Southern Connecticut State University

    Motion, Space, Place: A Successful Design Studio/Art History Collaboration
    Emma Hogarth, Rhode Island School of Design; Pascale Rihouet, Rhode Island School of Design

    Discussant: Dori Griffin, Ohio University

    Regular Sessions; Sessions


    Interdisciplinary-Professional Development/Pedagogy/Publishing
    Interdisciplinary-Studio Art & Art History

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