Lecture Content

Content Areas:

Survey 1: “Prehistory to Gothic”

Survey 2: “Renaissance to Modern & Contemporary”

The resources above are split up into chapter headings that correspond to a global art history survey. 

Each content area suggests condensed resources such as Smarthistory, the Met Museum Timeline, collating short background reading resources to prep the teacher if they’re unfamiliar with the subject matter for the lesson. These compliment whichever texts have been assigned for the course.  

There are also suggestions for class content including readings (either texts, or online resources such as videos or websites students can use at home) that the instructor may want to set in advance of the lesson (a consideration for the syllabus), optional class activities that practices the skill of close looking or helps reinforce the key theme for the lesson, and a ready-made PPT (all images for classroom, non-profit & educational use only under fair use guidelines).

These resources are in no way definitive. Indeed, they will only be useful if continually revised and improved upon. How can you leave feedback or upgrade these resources with your own additions? Leave comments, suggestions, or additions/deletions to the material on the appropriate page. What’s here right now is bare-bones. It needs added to. If you have another lesson plan you’d like to share, or an additional class activity you love for a certain survey content area, share through the comments section or through the “contribute” page.

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