Sixteenth-Century Art in Italy

Sixteenth-Century Art in Italy

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3 responses to “Sixteenth-Century Art in Italy”

  1. alicialh says:

    Is this resource not yet loaded? I’m unsure of how I can access the items you have listed- there doesn’t seem to be anything to click. I would love to view any suggestions you have. I teach both the first (ancient through gothic) and second (proto renaissance through contemporary) at a university and at a community college. I find your website very helpful and hopeful, but limited. Maybe I am just unable to understand how to access it in more depth??

    • Thanks for checking in on these resources. The site is peer populated and this is one of the resources that’s currently in the writin stage. It should be up on the next 2-3 months as we flesh out the rest of the lesson plans and the site undergoes a Kress-funded overhaul. Please do keep checking the front page blog posts for more info on this process.

  2. alicialh says:

    How can I access the resources you have listed? I don’t see where I can click to get to anything beyond this page. I find your site very interesting and helpful (I teach both sections of the survey at a university and at a community college) and I would love to see your suggestions about changing the format of lectures with activities etc, but I can’t seem to do that beyond the first lecture. Any help?

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