CfP: Submit to the “AHTR Weekly” for fall 2016

A message for the AHTR Community–contribute to the AHTR Weekly blog in the upcoming academic year!

Since its launch in 2013, the AHTR site has been visited over 500,000 times by users in over 185 countries, and now averages over 700 hits each day from a growing community of educators working in higher education, museum, and k-12 learning environments. Each week throughout the academic year, AHTR Weekly–the site’s popular blogpublishes contributions from a range of authors covering everything from innovative assignments and teaching techniques, to reflections on the field and opinion editorials.

Beginning fall  2016-17, the AHTR Weekly would like to hold open a number of posts for new submissions alongside programmed contributions from invited writers. We hope that this will allow AHTR Weekly to continue to serve the broadest number of peers, as well as to expand and elevate the discussions. The posts usually range between 700-1300 words, are fairly casual and “readable” in tone, and contain at least one image.

If you would like to propose a post for fall 2016 or spring 2017, please get in touch at with a brief summary (two-five sentences, max) of content by September 20, 2016. Feel free to post this information for teaching colleagues using this downloadable PDF here, or to distribute via your institution’s list serv.

ABOUT (AHTR) is a peer-populated platform for art history teachers.

AHTR is home to a constantly evolving and collectively authored online repository of art history teaching content including, but not limited to, lesson plans, video introductions to museums, book reviews, image clusters, and classroom and museum activities. The site promotes discussion and reflection around new ways of teaching and learning in the art history classroom through a peer-populated blog, and fosters a collaborative virtual community for art history instructors at all career stages.




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