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In October, 2017 the College Art Association launched a podcast series as part of CAA Conversations. An initiative of CAA’s Education Committee, the podcast project is designed to focus on current issues of teaching and professional development.  Released in the CAA News Monday newsletter, each weekly segment features two colleagues discussing a wide variety of topics.

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The Conversations podcast idea began as a response to the increasing interest at the Annual Conference in sessions on teaching and learning. A subcommittee was created and began the process of finding colleagues interested in sharing their thoughts through recorded podcasts. The selection attempts to present a broad diversity of issues in art, art history, and design as well as highlighting faculty at various stages in their academic careers. Another of the committee’s goals is to present faculty from a variety of institutions, in terms of size, student demographics, and geographic location. The result has been an interesting mix of topics and teaching perspectives.

The podcasts were recorded during the summer 2017, largely the result of the hard work of Ellen Mueller, Full Time Lecturer at UMass Dartmouth, who did most of the  recording work. Since this summer, the committee for creating the podcasts has grown and additional recordings have been completed by Bobby Tso, Assistant Professor at Northwest Missouri State University and Stuart Robinson, Assistant Professor at Southern Utah University. The committee envisions a continuing stream of podcasts will follow those being launched this academic year.

Some of the podcasts already available include “Teaching online, a discussion by Jesse van der Laan, an instructor of art at Walters State Community College in Morristown, Tennessee, and Melissa Haviland, an artist and professor in Athens, Ohio; and Rebecca Easby, Program Chair in Fine Arts and Associate Professor of Art History at Trinity College in Washington, D.C. and Colleen Denney, Professor of Art History/Gender and Women’s Studies at the University of Wyoming speaking on “Teaching art history in an interdisciplinary context.” Other topics recently posted include “Collaborative student learning using public art projects,” and “Community engagement and design.” Upcoming podcasts will address issues such as teaching study abroad courses and moving from dark room to digital in photography.

If you have a topic to suggest, or are interested in contributing to the podcast as a host or a guest, please contact for more information.  


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