We survived CAA!

Thanks to all of the folks who came out to the two meet-and-greets. We enjoyed seeing old friends and meeting so many of you. It was great to finally meet in person some of the many wonderful contributors to the site. It was a pleasure to hear about how AHTR is used by such a variety of individuals and institutions and to hear what types of content the art history community would like to see hosted on the site. We are continually looking for further funding to not only make sure that AHTR continues to serve our community, but also to be able to populate the site with more resources and to build relationships with those in museum education, k-12 institutions and AP art history programs. We were so pleased to connect with ArtHistoryEngaged (a super collaboration between Art History That and Material Collective). There are many initiatives founded in recent years that serve to strengthen our discipline as well as increase an interest in pedagogy.

AHPP met with members of the Advisory Board, all of whom came to the meeting with fresh ideas for the journal. There was great discussion (and yummy Belgian chocolate thanks to UGent!) and we are energized to draft the journal guidelines and soon post the first Call for Papers, which we hope to make public in March.

We attended the pedagogy sessions at CAA and noted how popular these panels continue to be for art historians at all levels of their careers. The rooms were packed and members of the audience were furiously taking notes on the ideas presented. AHTR will soon host an archive for pedagogy conference sessions. Unlike the majority of the traditional academic research-based projects presented at CAA, many of the papers from the pedagogy sessions will not later be edited for publication. AHTR is providing a space for the sessions and ideas to be archived as reference points for future use. We also invite authors to consider expanding their papers for submission to AHPP. The first email was sent this weekend to the Chairs of the CAA sessions in the hopes that the Chairs and panelists will post the content of the papers, the powerpoints, and the inspiration behind the session itself to the site. We will also be reaching out to the Chairs of past pedagogy sessions at CAA and SECAC in order to create a robust archive of these valuable tools.  If any of you are aware of pedagogy sessions that should be archived let us know! 

We hope everyone enjoys their AHTR tote bags!




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